Yippee! Quatum Of Solace Is Released In India Before The US!

Yeah, that's right, the new James Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace, has been released in the UK and India. The movie will be released in rest of the world, including the US, on November 14.

The reason? Well, Daniel Craig feels the movie is a greater hit in India than the United States. The movie was supposed to roll out first in the UK on November 7, but fortunately, India was included, thanks to Daniel Craig. Although Craig hasn't visited India yet, he says it's a vibrant country with a rich culture. And yes, he wishes to act in a Bollywood movie too!

Sorry America, you have to wait! For a change(lol)!

Who was the first James Bond, eh?

This question has been puzzling me and many others. Many say Sean Connery was the first in Casino Royale. But later I found out that there's no such movie with Sean Connery in the lead. Fortunately, my friend got a DVD of the first Casino Royale, which he promptly passed it on to me. Frankly, I didn't understand a thing in the movie. Because there were two James Bonds in it! One was Sir James Bond, played by David Niven, and the other just James Bond played by Peter Sellers.

So, i concluded that the first was David Niven, considering Sir James Bond to be the lead. But later, when I googled for info on the first James Bond, I realised that the first Casino Royale(1954) was aired in the form of episodes on CBS. And guess who was in the lead? Not David Niven, nor Sean Connery. It was Barry Nelson. But he isn't the first to play the role of 007 in a movie.

Sean Connery, David Niven, Peter Sellers, Barry Nelson... So who is it? I would say if your question is, who is the first to enact JamBo, I would say David Niven and Petter Sellers, but if you just ask me, who is the first James Bond, I'd surely say Barry Nelson.

Feels complicated, doesn't it?

The Quantum Of Solace Trailer Has Been Released!

Yep, it was released on 26th June, that is, on Thursday. I had actually planned to embed it here, but as I was out of town, I couldn't do it. I hope you've watched it. If not, you can watch it here.

And here is the fan trailer...

Hope you have enjoyed it. And remember, the movie is releasing in the UK in the last week of October, and in November worldwide.

P.S. : I know, there has been a post after a long long time. But I can't help it, as I'm too busy these days. Meanwhile, if anyone has an article or two related to James Bond or his associates, let me know, and I'll publish it here, with a link of course.

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