Connery in next JamBo movie??

Well,well,well! A media rumour has been shattering everyone's ears. It seems that Sean Connery, the first Bond is ready to act in the forthcoming Bond movie, but for a price. He says,
"I am resting from acting. So you could say I'm retired. It would have to be something really considerable to bring me back. It would have to be an offer that you can't refuse.
"If there was a good part in a Bond film, I'd certainly look at it. "

Does it spell good news for his fans?

Has James Bond created history??

As we know, JamBo gizmos are very hot to handle. We must be aware of the facts that all Qs NEVER joke about their works. But it seems that Mr.Bond gives the damn about it. Have we EVER seen him returning the precious gadgets? Well, as Q said in Die Another Day, our dear ol' James has created history by not returning the gadgets. Well, should James and his creators take it seriously??

Slip into Mr.Bond's Clothes ! ! ! !

What will you feel when you slip into JamBo's clothes? Or into the clothes of some of the characters in 007's movies?.......well, it won't cost you anything ! Yes, you heard that right! This is main feature of the auction ay Bonhams in London. Bidders will be allowed to try these outfits before the auction. This auction also includes outfits worn by stars like Mel Gibson, Terry Jones, Helen Slater, and yes, even Halle Berry's camouflage combat trousers from Die Another Day. The above pic is of a green North Korean style leather overcoat worn by General Tan Sun Moon in Die Another Day.
The costumes come from Angels-The Costumiers,who are attempting to clear off the space in its warehouses as well as their insurance costs. It boasts of more than a million and a half of costumes hung on eight kilometres of hanging rails.

Timothy Dalton warns Craig about getting all kinds of sh*t !!

Yeah! "The Living Daylights" and "Licence to Kill" actor Timothy Dalton has warned Daniel Craig that in the future he would be facing a lot of sh*t for being OO7. The 63-year-old actor says, "I shouldn't laugh. But he's going to get all kinds of s**t. The attention with Bond is huge - overwhelming. You can be told what's going to happen, but the only people who can understand it are Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, myself, George Lazenby, Sean Connery and Roger Moore". "I was still able to walk down the street and go to the pub, but there are awful moments like when you're waiting for a plane and a bunch of people decide to descend on you. They become blathering idiots when they ask you about Bond." "It's as if you came out of a zoo. You've got to talk about the body, the workout, the Aston Martin, the girls. It's a weird thing. People were cross that I didn't really drive an Aston Martin or a sports car."

Where is our beloved Roger Moore ?????

Yeah, Ihave been tracking one of of my favourite Bond actors since weeks. But finally I got the answer.....he relaxing in the European country of Monaco. According to his official website , he will be spending some of his days in Positano, which, according to him is a lovely spot on the Amalfi coast in the month of May. We all wish him a very happy stay in Europe!

Over 250,000 copies of Casino Royale downloaded !!!!

Hell! Over two hundred and fifty thousand copies of Casino Royale were downloaded from the internet till now! This is the major setback for Casino royale which has bagged the number one position in the UK with profits of over $80 million. I believe this is the major problem which the entertainment industry is facing with losses running in billions of dollars. According to news reports, the first bootlegged copy came from Russia, then Italy. But the quality of the video and audio was not good. It seems that somebody recorded the entire movie on a camcorder. I have heard that such copies are called as "CamRips".

Daniel Craig to present an Oscar!!!

The new OO7 on the block - Daniel Craig has been lined up for presenting an Oscar at the Academy Awards Function, which is slated to be held later this month. It has been a busy month for Craig who hopes to win a BAFTA on sunday for his role in Casino Royale. The Academy Awards ceremony will take place on 25 Febrauary.